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History of EDGU
By Jeffrey “Page” Redman

Born out of intuition in 1987, EDGU evolved through adolescence, into its experimental teens, and continues into its early twenties with the release of the long anticipated, instructional DVD.

From the outset, EDGU did not emanate from a conscious volition to create it. Abdominal pain plagued me throughout my youth, and three surgeries failed to provide relief. Many years later an instinctive sequence of movements unexpectedly revealed the remedy.

One day when I realized that my nagging pain had vanished, I could only conclude the relief was due to those intuitive movements I'd been practicing. Sharing these movements with others, it became apparent that those with chronic back and neck problems were also finding significant relief. Having visualized the spine as the edge where the left and right hemispheres of the body unite, I named this practice EDGU.

It took me years to deduce why these EDGU movements were so effective in alleviating back pain. Although we live in modern sedentary times, our bodies are still naturally designed for the movements of hunter/gatherers. Yet when trauma, poor posture, or lack of physical movement occurs, the spine will often compensate and create imbalances. In my case, when I was two years old, I tumbled from the family car traveling down the road. Receiving no immediate treatment for this accident, thirty years later it was discovered that three thoracic vertebrae had been fractured. My spine compensated for the damage, and patterns of contractions formed in my body. As I aged, pinched nerves resulted in abdominal pain. Eventually the full range body movements of EDGU systematically disrupted the compensation patterns, liberating the pain, while simultaneously restoring balance and spinal flexibility.

Years of yoga and Taoist practices have prepared us with instruction regarding energy flow. EDGU opens the meridian system in a different way, and in shorter sessions, while exercising the intervertebral disks to keep them pliable. In our fast paced society, EDGU offers a modern efficient spinal maintenance practice that includes the energy dynamics of ancient forms. The EDGU DVD is now available.

"Page" has lead annual EDGU teacher trainings at Breitenbush since 1990 and continues to offer classes to Breitenbush guests regularly. Many Breitenbush staffers have completed EDGU teacher training and it has become a staple of the Breitenbush Daily Well-Being Programs.
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    History of EDGU
Born out of intuition in 1987, EDGU evolved through adolescence, into its experimental teens, and continues into its early twenties...
    Now you can practice EDGU in the comfort of your own home with Jeffrey “Page” Redman’s new DVD...
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