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For over twenty years, EDGU founder Jeffrey "Page" Redman has been offering EDGU programs. Having taught hundreds of EDGU teachers around the globe, he has now produced the EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance DVD.

Since he can remember, Page has been drawn to the arts. Over the years, he's freelanced his creativity mostly through writing, illustrating and murals. He became a yoga instructor in the 1980's, and eventually his own teacher "pain" founded an Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance practice called EDGU. In the 1990's, he co-created the Well-Being Program with Kathy Zavada at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon. Thereafter, he hosted an EDGU center in Hawaii called the Center Of Conscious Oneness (C.O.C.O.). Today Page primarily instructs EDGU teacher training courses. His favorite interests include Alphabiotics, traditional storytelling and sitting at the feet of Mother Nature.
Edgu Trainer Page
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Born out of intuition in 1987, EDGU evolved through adolescence, into its experimental teens, and continues into its early twenties...
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